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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business
Loads of new followers on Twitter and Facebook. Higher profile, more credibility, a lot of new enquiries. Being able to communicate with like minded entrepreneurs.

My Bio

I am 52 and my career started as a musician with the Royal Marines Band. When I left the band I went into retail with my brother for a couple of years. I then moved on to be branch manager of the local Victoria Wine branch. I learnt a lot of skills working witha national company and really enjoyed my time there. I acquired professional wine qualifications too. After 4 years an opportunity arose to buy my own shop. It was a newspaper, convenience store. I spent 15 years as the owner. In that time I totally re-fitted the shop out, installed a new computer system and brought in a lot of new services to make sure I was equipped for the 21st century.
After 15 long but fulfilling years I decided I needed a change.
After a lot of research I decided to go into the luxury tourism market. I have a big advantage living in the Scottish Highlands, and I wanted to give guests the ultimate experience.
I am now into my third year and am pleased with progress.

My Business Tips

Don't be scared to ask for advice. Listen to what you need to hear, not what you want.
Networking and social media skills are vital these days.
Knock on lots of doors and don't worry about rejection.
Keep positive!!

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