My Buzz

#SBS has affected our business so far, only even in to our first day with numerous enquiries, circa 200 new followers, and in general provided a massive boost both to us as founders, but also generated a fantastic buzz around our product which has resulted in new stockists.

My Bio

We are a husband & wife team who launched Scrubbys in May 2012, following years of research, ups, downs and determination whilst working our 'day' jobs, and raising 3 wonderful children. Born through passion & desire to bring a healthier crisp to market without compromising taste, delighted to say weโ€™ve achieved this - they taste fantastic!

Scrubbys Crisps are made for the crisp connoisseur - Beetroot, carrot, sweet potato & parsnip sliced with their skins on, gently cooked using high oleic sunflower oil, lightly seasoned with sea salt. The tastiest, healthiest vegetable crisp you can buy, 30% less fat, 18% less calories and gluten free!

My Business Tips

Believe in your business/product.
Believe in yourself.
Be persistent.
Be courageous.
Be determined.
Never ever ever give up.

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