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1 hour and already a raised profile! So excited to join the club have heard so much about it!

My Bio

Secret Seed is run by a Mother and Daughter team. I am a mother, gardener, cook, teacher and designer who wants to combine my life learnings to help children and families for a better world. My daughter, Amy, is a dancer, mathematician, community gardener, facilitator and innovator. Together we have built Seed City a place where everyone is a vegetable. We have 5 story books for young children, each comes with a packet of seeds to excite children about growing and a recipe to cook what is grown. On our web-site we have an on-line club for Seed Agents who are children who are interested in growing and cooking. We believe that an understanding of food is central to a more sustainable world.

My Business Tips

Research, don't assume, especially when dealing with children.
Keep assessing the effect of your actions (especially when you are a social enterprise)
Talk to everyone but keep a clear idea of what you are aiming for.

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