My Buzz

Since winning #SBS I have been overwhelmed by the number of messages of good wishes, support and encouragement on Twitter, along with lots of new followers. A week after my win and website hits are continuing to rise. Wow - I am really excited to see what new opportunities may now come along!

My Bio

After leaving a much loved career as a p.e teacher through illness (ME) 10 years ago, Sally decided to return to college and study part-time whilst on the road to recovery. She had always been creative with a dream to be a wedding florist running her own business - so she decided it was time to turn a negative into a positive as life had taken her down a completely different unexpected path! 

In 2006 Sally began 4 years of floristry training, which she found both very enjoyable and extremely challenging when battling a physical illness. Meanwhile she worked when she could as a supply teacher, relentlessly studied marketing/business and developed a deep seated determination to recover and be a successful wedding floral designer. 

In 2008 Serendipity Floral Designs was born. The name 'Serendipity' was chosen as Sally holds a strong belief in its meaning, it is very fitting for the wedding industry and is also a name people would remember. With weddings being so special, Sally aims to provide a very personal service for her clients focussing on creating unique wedding flower designs (both bridal and venue) that match her clients' likes, personalities and expectations. 

Travelling across Yorkshire for consultations at beautiful wedding venues or clients' homes, Sally ensures she is in constant contact with her brides/grooms from the moment they choose her as their wedding florist right until the day of their wedding. Designing and creating truly special bridal bouquets is Sally's main passion and she is often found creating these in the very early morning of her clients' special day - to ensure freshness and quality. 

Since starting the business Sally has developed many genuine relationships with other wedding industry professionals who very kindly pass on her name and work to their clients. Word of mouth and excellent testimonials continue to make 'Serendipity' grow and she hopes the next few years will see her reach her goal of owning her own 'floral design studio'. Here she hopes to continue to work passionately as a wedding designer and also use her valuable teaching experience to pass on her wedding flower knowledge and skills to others.

My Business Tips

Work work work. There's no other way to get your name out there.
Be genuine and pleasant with your clients and people you meet through your work. People will choose you to work for them, buy from you and recommend you if they trust and like you!
Have passion for what you do, otherwise the many hours and hours spent running a small business will stop you in your tracks.
Nothing in life comes easy, have a vision, be positive and aim for it!
You may have to suddenly develop a thick skin - unfortunately in business not everyone will be happy for you if they see you trying to succeed.

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