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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business, its made me want to spread the word about my business all over the world now and show women that we are all beautiful in lingerie and we have to start realising it, no matter how old and what size you. Having the #SBS Win will just give customers that little extra confidence now to buy from me.

My Bio

I started this business because I am a large busted lady and was having trouble finding lingerie to fit me properly. I was sick of having to go into shops looking at stick insects and them looking at me thinking, we dont have anything for you. Sexy Curves developed because I wanted to spread the word that lingerie is sexy and stunning on all women, big or small, curvy , plus size, no matter what size you are or age, we are all beautiful and we should all realise that. We also so wedding lingerie and honey moon lingerie .

My Business Tips

Make sure you believe it what you are selling
Make sure that you understand all your products
Make sure that when you talk to a customer you truly believe in what you are saying
Research the market , make sure you know who your competitors are.
All customers are right

My Latest Offers

All #SBS Winners will receive 20% off all lingerie at checkout stage, please put in SBSwinner

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