My Buzz

The #sbs win only happened a matter of hours ago and already twitter has gone crazy. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks!

My Bio

Ever since I was a little girl I have been on the obsessive side when it came to makeup, my parents would only have to leave me alone for 5 minutes with my little sister to come back to find a full baby makeover was in progress. But from the early days of tinkerbell peel off nail varnish and strawberry flavoured lipstick I have taken a very long winding route to get to where I am today ...

Despite my teenage nagging of my parents, I was 'persuaded' to take the academic route out of school and went off to college to take A levels then I was well and truly on the academic treadmill as it was off to Uni to study Chemistry.

After getting a 1st Class degree I thought I had better go off and do a 'proper' job. I then moved to Jersey to train as an accountant. It was here I realised that I didn't want to spend the rest of my working life sat at a desk and I left the week after I qualified. Everyone said I was either crazy or brave or both. I say you're crazier and braver to sit in a job you don't like(?!) Everyone has the power to change their own life and make it what they want it to be.

After leaving Jersey I moved to london to retrain in hair & makeup and started to hone my craft working in theatre and film. And then last year, when I finally moved home to Birmingham, I set up my own business and SGR Vintage Hair & Makeup was born. Bringing vintage hair and makeup styling into your own home for weddings, parties or special occasions. Oh and I also studied for my diploma in Cosmetic Science in there somewhere!

My Business Tips

Do what you love and be prepared to work hard at it.

Never stop wanting to learn.

And as Brownies teaches you .... Always be prepared (no matter what comes your way).
You never know when you might have to pitch your business to someone or have to sew a bride into their wedding dress on the morning of their wedding. (you'd be amazed at all the stuff a makeup artist ends up doing to get the bride out the door and up the aisle!)

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