My Buzz

Winning #SBS has given us a tremendous boost via twitter in the past few hours and we look to continue to generate new interest with other businesses and mums across Britain!

My Bio

I am a qualified nurse and mother to three small children. My skincare range is designed for mums, babies, and anyone with delicate skin.

My motivation came from the inability to find products on the market that would relieve my first baby's eczema. The products I tried all contained ingredients that exacerbated his condition, so I decided to take matters in my own hands, literally! I created a completely natural skincare range.

I launched the skincare range 3 years ago and have won 7 national awards. I am very proud to have created a range of pure, natural and effective products for mothers and babies made with the highest quality ingredients.

My Business Tips

-Have a good business plan to refer to and amend when things change.
-On rocky days hold on to whatever is going well, no matter how small.
- Never give up!
- Put yourself out there and promote your business, the world is full of opportunities!

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