My Buzz

Since winning #SBS we have been inundated with comments, website hits, twitter followers and FB boosts. No doubt requests for us to perform will increase too. Basically my computer has been in action non-stop since Monday :))

My Bio

We are a Shrewsbury based Morris Dance side who perform our own particular brand of dancing and street theatre, mostly within Shropshire but occasionally outside the boundaries of the county. Founded by Ray and Bev Langton the side has been dancing for almost 40 years around the area and is still going strong with a strong core of dancers. Our three teams are The Shrewsbury Lasses, The Shrewsbury Bull and Pump Morrismen and Shrewsbury Clog. We are a popular, motivated, happy group with a strong team ethic and we are available for many different types of event. We support Shrewsbury, are sponsored by four local companies (Pipekit, Battlefield Printing Group, and MatlockTheHare) and are particularly strong supporters of many local businesses.

My Business Tips

We engage heavily with and strongly support local business.

We are particularly proactive on social media and have benefitted greatly from this form of interaction. We now have almost 30k twitter followers :)))

Our positive approach is popular but not intrusive and we gain a lot of business this way as we are now well known.

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