My Buzz

It’s been simply overwhelming and we were completely unprepared for the response!

We have had a huge number of tweets and supportive messages and lots of top class new followers. We have been propelled into a whole new community and we are getting the biggest ever number of hits on our website.

The feel good factor has just rocketed! We can’t stop telling people. There are so many ways we can capitalise on this win. Exciting times ahead…..! And thank you!

My Bio

Simon W. Atack Art is a partnership between the art of Simon Atack and the business skills of David Phelps. Simon started at a young age.

I began drawing from the moment I could hold a pen and at the age of 7 tore into painting with the oil painting set I was given for Christmas. As soon as I could understand an aircraft in flight all I ever wanted to do was paint and draw aircraft.

I joined the RAF Regiment and saw service overseas including the Falklands Conflict. During that time my sketches were seen by senior officers and I was asked to produce work for a number of RAF Messes.

On leaving the RAF in 1985 I became a commercial artist eventually working for one of the top military publishing houses. I painted ships and aircraft and developed real expertise in skies and seascapes.

I learnt to fly and am one of very few artists who can paint from the direct experience of flying an aircraft solo.

After sometime away, I teamed up with David Phelps, who brought his business skills, love of the RAF and keen collector’s eye, in August 2011.

Our aim is to produce the very best in aviation and maritime art; beautiful works of art that look at home in the living room as well as in the museum. We are inspired by the aviation and naval exploits of World War Two and through art want to create lasting visual memorials to this wonderful generation.

My Business Tips

Be honest. I always produce original paintings; working from plans, blueprints and models.

Offer the best possible quality. We spent 2 months sourcing a fine art printer that we believed was capable of producing the standards we require. He’s over 200 miles away but he’s the best and last year was a finalist for “Fine Art Printer of the Year”. It also took us 5 weeks to source the best archival paper that worked for us.

Offer good value but never reduce the prices of limited editions. “Never the cheapest but always the best”.

Every customer is special. So make them feel that way with great attention to detail. Always be really grateful for a sale, build relationships and look at ways of doing that little bit extra for existing customers.

There is no substitute for really hard work. Try, try and try again!

Network and really invest in relationships. Help others when there might be little prospect of a return and you may just be surprised.

Enjoy and be passionate about what you do and make sure that passion and enjoyment spreads to others.

Treat your suppliers as equals. If you are fair and decent, they will always go the extra mile for you and “get you out of a mess”.

Identify some charities to support. Apart from the feel good factor, supporting charities makes good business sense. The PR can be wonderful.

Whatever you did today, you have to do better tomorrow.

Be gracious to everyone…….. You just never know!

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