My Buzz

Thanks to #SBS, I now have a much higher business profile and have had local news coverage. I feel part of an exclusive 'network', where there is such a wealth of experise and knowledge.

My Bio

I started Simply Relish in 2007, in response to my husband's pleas for a 'decent piccalilli'. In 2008 I won my first Great Taste award and have won every year since then.
In 2009, I gave up my job in adult education, to concentrate full time on Simply Relish.
I now have several outlets in North Wales and around Chester and do regular farmers' markets.
Chefs Aled Williams, Cennin, and Toby Beevers, Hawarden use my mustards.
I work from home and with no help other than that of my (volunteer) husband.

My Business Tips

Make sure you have your USP
Learn to say 'no'. Be proud to say 'yes'.
Accept there are times when you need to work long hours.
Learn from your mistakes
Bounce back
Success is what you define as 'success'; not what someone else tells you it should be.

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