My Bio


I'm Sarah an illustrator based on the Shropshire/Welsh Borders.

You could say that Sister Sister was a lifetime in the making.  Originally started as a brand in my own high street store with my twin Sister Catherine, we started hand painting ceramics.  We soon became quite busy and it was this side of my business that I wanted to concentrate.  After starting a family in 2013, I wanted to be a Mum that could go to support my children at school so in 2018 I sold my retail business and concentrated on Sister Sister.

From the early days I wanted to progress from just hand painting ceramics and soon fell into designing and handmaking pin badges.  I initially started on a Welsh theme, which soon became very popular, and since then I have increased my collection of designs.  I absolutely love designing and creating them.

My hand painted pottery really comes into its own at Christmas where I create a huge range of Christmas dogs on ceramic hearts.

During lockdown I became addicted to jigsaw puzzles, but really struggled to find fun, colourful, modern designs, so I decided to design my own.  I spent months researching, but eventually launched my 1000 piece puzzle called Ssshhh!  I love getting photos from Customers who have enjoyed completing it.

2022 has been an incredible year where I designed a tea towel for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and produced a couple of Jubilee Pins and some paper bunting.  I was completely blown away by the public response to my tea towels in particular and ended up having to have extra print runs.