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Winning #SBS on Sunday is proving to be awesome and it's not been 24hrs yet ! This is a great platform for like minded, ambitious, driven people #sbsfamily. We just hope our server can manage all this traffic !! Can't wait to meet the boss.

My Bio

I produce a range of wine racks from the finest Welsh Slate and world famous Portland Stone. These can be engraved and personalised for special events, weddings and birthdays. I also design and produce a range of unique slate crafts, from wine racks to coasters, place mats to photo frames, cheese boards to book ends, all of which can be personalised.
The cores I drill out are all reused and recycled into coasters or candle holders. I don't waste anything !

I travel upto the mountains of Snowdonia to hand pick the very best Welsh Slate and down to Portland for the world famous Portland Stone.
I try to list every piece on the web site as they all differ so much, but please get in touch if you're looking for something bespoke.

My Business Tips

Short term pain for long term gain.

I truly believe that if you pursue what you enjoy you will get there !!

If you're too afraid to talk about your business then go and get a job

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