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Winning #SBS was the turning point for Smiley Booth. Until then it was a sideline micro business. Theo choosing Smiley Booth and the resulting publicity that has followed made us look at the business in a new way and gave us the confidence to make it our full time business. Smiley Booth has grown significantly ever since, thanks Theo!

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Smiley Booth is a photo and video booth hire service for private and corporate events. It is the brain child of husband and wife team Lee and Kate Johnson started after they attended a wedding in America in 2008 and witnessed the photo booth phenomenon first hand.

On returning to the UK, with fistfuls of photographs Kate and Lee looked into the availability of photo booth hire but there was nothing available. Spotting an opportunity they decided to build their own photo booth and hire it out for weddings and events however this proved to be no easy task!

After several false starts and while starting a family, the entrepreneurial couple founded Smiley Booth in December 2009. Initially it was difficult to explain the concept to people, but it wasn’t long before the wedding and events market fell for the photo booth’s unique and nostalgic charm. Photo booth hire is now popular at weddings, corporate events and celebrations. “We never tire of people telling us what a good idea it is because it is just that” said Kate. “It’s so simple yet so powerful, for both corporate and private events”.

In less than three years the photo booth market has exploded in the UK and Smiley Booth has gone from strength to strength. Smiley Booth is the market leader and now has a fleet of photo booths including some which offer video and green screen technologies; there is also a full product line of complimentary products and a photo booth leasing service for the commercial sector.

Smiley Booth have recently started franchising across the UK and are in talks with a software development company about a brand new product to be built into the booth technology. Watch this space 2012 is set to be a very big year for the company.

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Hard Work!

"I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it". Thomas Jefferson

Make sure you are prepared for when opportunity comes your way. Know your business inside out, never stop learning, be bold, brave and always be genuine.

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