My Buzz

We were thrilled to receive Theo's SBS RT. We maximised its impact by posting a news letter, local press release and Social Media tweets throughout the week, using the opportunity to spread the word about our range of services.

Our business provides specialised design & installation services into an exciting, growing market. We really do love the work we undertake.

Along with social media we use local networking and customer referrals and look forward to sharing our SBS story with other entrepreneurial people.

My Bio

We design, supply & install some of today's most exciting, state of the art AV, control and Home Cinema systems. Think Grand Designs, think James Bond super homes.... That's our business.

We love technology and build our systems to be elegant & intuitive and above all we build with passion.

Our SBS win really does mean so much to us, recognition at last for the years of hard work.

We are based in Essex but undertake projects throughout the UK. We're CEDIA members and overall techy's!

My Business Tips

The harder you work, the more lucky you are! We are known as one of the industries hardest workers, take pride, take passion and take time to develop your business - have a twist and be just a bit different from your peers!

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