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We're delighted to be part of the #SBS community! Our photography destination guides are perfect for anyone who loves travel and photography and wants to discover some of the most incredible locations on this planet.

Download our free SNAPP Guides app, try out our free spots and then purchase the guides for the destinations of your choice.

We offer #SBS members a Buy One Get One Free deal on all guides in our collection. Email me to find out how to claim your bonus guide.

Happy travelling and good light!

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Since 2014 we’ve been working with a growing team of talented photographers across the globe to create a collection of photography destination guides.

Our guides are the next best thing to travelling with a real photography tour guide! they’ve been researched and lovingly put together by photographers who know their chosen locations inside out and want to share their favourite spots with other like-minded photographers.

You’ll have up-to-date local information, precise gps coordinates and parking information, photography tips and inspirational images which means you’ll be able hit the ground running with your camera from the minute you arrive.

SNAPP Guides can be viewed online via the app, or downloaded for offline use. They are simple to use and designed for anyone who loves travel and discovering incredible new photo spots, regardless of photography experience or camera system.

We hope you enjoy travelling with your snapp guides and look forward to you sharing your favourite shots with us #snappguides!

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