My Buzz

After the initial shock, it was not long before I realised the true impact being re-tweeted by Theo and becoming part of #SBS. Our twitter account went slightly crazy with messages from well wishers and our following then increasing by the minute. Our website and Facebook also had a huge amount of traffic. Trying to keep up with it all was a job in itself. What a fantastic family to be welcomed into, thank you to everyone !

My Bio

I started my company Sofpave Limited in 2010 with a vision to help tackle the on-going issues of waste products generated from our every day lives.

At that time we had just one product, a paving block manufactured from the recycling of old SBR car and truck tyres, a waste material that is a global issue.

Since the beginning, our client base challenged us to offer a more diverse range of products, which we have successfully achieved, we have a product range now which includes paving blocks, decking, fencing, seats, tables, planting beds to name just a few.

We continue to add complimenting products to our range that service both the landscaping and construction industries.

While our products are manufactured from the recycling of waste plastics and SBR rubber, we have maintained a range that is of the highest quality, something that is essential to our brand, customer satisfaction is one of our core values.

My Business Tips

Owning a small business means you wear many hats, some you like, some less so... but all the same enjoy it.

Always take a few minutes each day to do some day dreaming, refresh your mind and you will find new ways to improve your business.

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