My Buzz

#SBS has helped our business by giving prospects confidence in us even before we meet. I use the SBS logo in my email signature block and on literature and with Theo's recognisable name, prospects are enthused by our association.

My Bio

I have co-owned Source Supplies since the beginning of 2010. Our mission was to add personality to our trade and raise the bar in the cleaning supplies industry through delivering extraordinary service. There is an entrepreneurial spirit that runs through the heart of our business and sensible growth is our primary goal.

Our business is one of my hobbies as well as my profession. Away from bog roll, I love sports. Running, triathlon, cycling, football and golf give me my kicks.

My Business Tips

1. Choose 20 people or organisations who you want to do business with and plan a campaign around securing their business.
2. Implementation. Choose something you want to add to your business. Focus on it and don't stop until it's done!
3. Pick up the phone and ask people what it would take to do business with you.
4. Build your database every day.
5. Respect your customers by communicating frequently and being honest. Keeping them informed will enhance the rapport and build trust. Avoid complacency at all costs!
6. You must love your job and your business. If you don't, why should your customers?
7. Build, develop and evolve a brand that is unique to your industry. Don't be afraid to stand out. Strive to stand out.

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