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SplashMaps are REAL outdoor maps designed for clarity and accuracy. They are Washable, Wearable, All-Weather Fabric maps.

Take them with you if it’s raining snowing windy or sunny; whatever the weather they’ll beat traditional paper and laminate maps in our default weather conditions and won’t smash or lose power like GPS!

A SplashMap weighs nothing and fits anywhere. It’s beautiful, durable and practical. It will take all the punishment you can give it and still keep you on track.

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David Overton
Managing Director

When I was a kid a bike meant freedom. A bike and a map together meant adventure! And it still does today. Bikes have improved over the years, but have the maps? They seemed to have evolved in all the wrong places. Instead of making the whole thing simpler we’re now expected to download, update, refresh, recharge and take care of some expensive and fragile electronic kit. And the great innovation around the printed map?

The paper has changed slightly and you can (if you wish!) put a picture of your dog on the front cover, but overall, maps today are still the unwieldy things I had when I was 11; so overburdened with unnecessary information that the key stretched the whole length of an Ordnance Survey 1:25 000 map.

At SplashMaps we’re solving the problems that no one seemed to address. None of these map evolutions seemed to work for the real outdoors of mud and wind and rain and the occasional dive off my bike.

I’m an Engineer and a Marketer. I have my own successful Geographic Innovation Business, dbyhundred Ltd and have spent time managing innovations at Ordnance Survey, Great Britain’s National Mapping Agency. I’ve been lucky enough to meet all the right people that can help solve an adventurer’s map problems.

For me SplashMaps follows all the right trends in data, material science, print technologies and personalisation to provide something that can improve everyone’s experience of the REAL outdoors!

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