My Buzz

So far my #SBS rt has got the interest of my local MP and gained me loads of new followers. Lots more to come though!

My Bio

“I love that old photographs sold in estate sales have made it into mini pieces of artwork which make people smile.”

I am a mixed media and collage artist running Strange Fruit my boutique greeting card company from a home-based studio in Walthamstow, east London. The greeting card range, now stocked in House of Fraser (the Mary Portas shops) a growing number of independent card and gift stores across the UK, started from a simple love of vintage photographs and wanting to preserve history. I am custodian of box fulls of vintage photographs collected to use to create artwork and simply to save from the rubbish heap.

Strange Fruit aims to be the leading independent publisher of multicultural greeting cards and social stationery in the UK.  Strange Fruit is a small but distinctive company and since my first card was sold in October 2010 I have maintained the simple aims of offering our customers great value, design led greeting cards that are always reflective of a modern and diverse society.

My Business Tips

Be yourself, be honest and maintain your business relationships, it might be a year before someone approaches you with a great idea for a collaboration!

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