My Buzz

Winning #SBS was amazing for me! I won in July 2015. My follower count increased over night and the number of new customers has been growing daily. I work closely with fellow #SBS winner Barry from LF Designs. It's amazing that both of our businesses have been awarded the #SBS award, we must be doing something right! If you want a bespoke design on your cushion or a logo printed, drop me an email and I'll do all I can to help.

My Bio

My name is Martin and I have been an upholsterer for more than 29 years. I am using my skills to produce a lovely range of cushions, bags and personalised clothing. All of my cushion fabrics are upholstery grade and meet or exceed 1988 Fire Regulations. All of my fillings are made in the UK.

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My Business Tips

Quality is affordable if achieved efficiently. Use the best quality materials you can afford and use them to their full potential. An eye for detail is a must!

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