My Buzz

Being part of the #SBS community has been amazing. I have never met such a diverse range of businesses and each one is run by an optimistic and energetic individual - my kind of people!

My Bio

Surfplugs was a result of my background as a Qualified NHS Audiologist, my passion for surfing and my unfortunate experience with Surfers Ear. The original Surfplug was developed by myself in 2003 to assist in preventing my own ear problems. I experiemented and dveloped the product and made some for some friends, they told other people and Surfplugs was born as a very accidental business! Surfplugs are now distributed worldwide using a network of audiologists and are designed to provide total custom made ear protection for Surfers, Kite Surfers & watersports. The Surfplug can be customised with personalised styles, colours and grpahics and will help to prevent the horrors of surgery assoicated with Surfers Ear, Exostosis and longstanding Ear Infections.

My Business Tips

Talk to everyone, everybody has got something interesting to stay and it is amazing how links between bsuinesses and new customers can be generated by the most unexpected conversations and chance meetings. Business is about creating opportunity - others might call it luck!

My Latest Offers

Surfplugs will offer £5 off of each intial set of Surfplugs exclusively for #SBS winners only using the code #SBS.

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