My Buzz

Suzie Jules is a textile creative craft company designing and handmaking unique textile products inspired by a love of fabric, colour and pattern.
Over the years I have taken inspiration from vintage fabrics and designs to make unique one-off sewn products, but more recently I took up crochet, as something I had always wanted to learn. Having formally trained as a Woven Textile Designer, I am always drawn to lovely yarns, and fabrics.
I am also a fully qualified Primary School Teacher, and with this brings a natural instinct to want to inspire others to learn new skills. With this in mind the business has developed into curating and hand making textile craft kits. This all started with a humble crocheted rainbow, which rather than selling it made, (as the costs made it unviable; as handmaking products often do!) I decided I'd sell them as a kit for other people to make. The response was pheonomenal! Suzie Jules has since sky rocketed into an exiciting business, that is continuially growing and evolving. My tenacious nature means I am constantly striving to come up with new ideas and products, and enjoy keeping up to date with the latest and emerging trends. From this I have discovered the forgottoen craft of Bargello, a type of embroidery, which is a cool pattern focused and easy craft. Our rnage now includes a Bargello wall hanging kit, with more kits coming soon, as well as more exciting crochet ideas. In the near future I would like to combine my expertise in education with my love of creativity and craft to create kits for teachers, and children.

My Bio

Suzie Jules was originally a collaboration between, myself, Suzanne Booth and my mother, Julie Milton hence the name!
However, after Mum moved to Dorset I continued to work as a sole trader under the Suzie Jules label.

I have formal training as a textile designer, and have worked creatively since graduating from Winchester School of Art in 2000. During this time I have also raised two children and trained as a Primary School Teacher. I continue to work as a teacher currently teaching in Year 5, but continue to fulfil my creative passions by creating the Suzie Jules range.

Under the Suzie Jules label, I design and create a range of handmade textile based products with a focus on unique textile crafts and for children, the home and you! I handmake everything from my garden studio in Hampshire. More recently my passion for teaching has led to creating a range of craft kits, to enable others to learn new skills and create beautiful items of their own, with the hope to expand these ideas with a children's education focus, combining both my skills and passions.

My Business Tips

Don't give up! perservere and believe in your dreams!
Don't sell yourself short, never be embarrassed about your prices, especially If you have priced correctly and you've done your research.
If you handmake products you MUST include your time in prices.

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