My Buzz

Since winning the #SBS on 02/06/13 my Twitter profile has gone totally mad.... I quite literally have 100's of new followers AND hits to my website have increased by 100%! The associated PR has generated a massive increase in sales. It has been an amazing experience and I have been overwhelmed by the interest and positive vibes for my business. I'm really looking forward to being a #SBS member and sharing my business journey with like minded individuals. Thank you Theo!

My Bio

As baby sleep specialists, SweetDreamers® design, develop, manufacture and supply safe innovative products that help enhance quality sleep for both babies and parents. Our multi award winning ewan the dream sheep® is a super cute cuddly toy with warm glow and soothing sounds, that unfailingly lulls babies and toddlers to sleep. Autumn 2013 will see the increasingly popular ewan® being joined by a new doggy pal Russell the Dream Sheepdog.
Sweet Dreamers Ltd was founded in 2010 by Lynda Harding, mum of 6, entrepreneur and inventor of the SweetDreamers® product range.

My Business Tips

1. Remain focussed on your end goal and visualise your product/service succeeding
2. Get all the help you can
3. Take time to step back and look at your business - you never know what you may see!
4. Make time for your family: even if it means having your laptop surgically removed from your lap!
5. Keep smiling and enjoy the journey.

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