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WOW the swim school academy has now benefited from loads more followers. plus it has given us a better web presents with more people searching our web pages. Hopefully it will just improve the knowledge of parents that there are good swimming lessons providers out there and we are an example of that. To get recognition from Theo means so much to us all at the swim school academy. thank you.

My Bio

Swimming has been my life having learn to swim at a local swim school to competing nationally and international, Swimming has always proved a good grounding for me. my dream as I went through University was to run my own swim school, after working for the University of Southampton when I graduated, managing their £8million leisure centre and improving there swim school and children's activities I decided to take the leap and start my own company on October 13th 2007. I have love every minute of building my company from the first day with myself as the main teacher too now looking after a team of 55 teachers and teaching in excess of 1500 children a week.

We are now just about to complete our 5th year in business and the swim school could not be in a better position.

My Business Tips

Work hard and listen to the customers they will help your business grow.
be different, go against the grain and you will succeed.
No pain No gain got me through some tough times but this is how I live my life.

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10% off to all new customers, Baby & Children's swimming lessons quote #sbs

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