My Buzz

Tally Ho Drinks Co. is a beautifully converted vintage horse trailer that specialises in the best of British brands. We support wherever possible local independent suppliers and creators of local wines, beers, cider and spirits.

Our horse trailer bar is themed in a Tally Ho brand and offers a unique bar experience at any event.

My Bio

Having worked in the commercial cruise industry for a large number of years and currently as a Business Manager for local government, my background is looking at all ways to make commercial income and regenerate unloved services and facilities.

With a career in Event Management I spotted a gap in the local market for a strong brand, fantastic customer service and a quirky British unique selling trip to a farm in Exeter later and a battered old horse trailer was purchased.

Tally Ho was launched just 6 months ago, and to win #SBS in February 2018 was a great achievement for our company that we are super proud of.

My Business Tips

There will never be a good time, just get on and do it!

You will network with lots of people but a few will become fantastic mentors, I am lucky to have two of these in my life who make all the problems seem manageable.

Customers want the basics in life, good manners, polite attitude and clear costings....everything else is a bonus to them.

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