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#SBS has taken us to the next level by giving us an additional platform and seal of approval by one of the best entrepreneurs and 'Dragons'.

More to follow in time:-)

My Bio

I am not sure if it was just my personal tastes changing, or if I was just getting more picky, but I noticed how the quality of products in the shops I frequented was deteriorating, but the prices either stayed the same or rose. Initially I put it down to the recession and thought it was a short-term cost saving exercise, but noticed it happening more frequently, without any signs of changing across the board. This didn't seem right to me....

I remember the first product I stocked and sold was a spiral pearl bracelet, which I fell in love with and bought in every colour and showed everyone I came across my jewellery box of treats, whether at a party or at the end of a business day and would quite often end up with some sales! Since then I have graduated from selling jewellery to expanding my product range to fashion accessories by emerging fashion designers. To me this made sense as anyone starting out a) needs a platform, b) isn't going to compromise on quality and c) can offer something unique.

By changing company direction to focusing on stocking products primarily by emerging fashion designers, we had the opportunity to promote and introduce to the market products by people who we really believed in and who were designing and making their products to the best quality they could, without compromise and it was for this reason we fell for our chief emerging designer - Bolla Bags - who simply have the finest, most luxurious vintage leather satchels and classic leather luggage at the best quality.

Not forgetting there are other people in the cog who make the wheels turn, we also wanted to give emerging entrepreneurs and marketeers the opportunity to make their mark, so we have teamed up with Newcastle University to give their MA students the opportunity to work on one of our PR campaigns.

In summary, our strength lies in providing products which NEVER compromise on quality and we constantly strive to bring the most unique designs by those who are passionate about the products they are supplying.

My Business Tips

Focus on niche marketing - what features in your business or product make you stand out from the crowd? Why are you different? Just 1 or 2 features is all you need. Then maximise on focusing your marketing efforts on those USPs.

Keep going, success isn't going to land on your doorstep overnight. Keep working hard and when you do achieve something, no matter how big or small, it will give you the boost to meet your next challenge.

Remember your customers are just like you and me. A personal touch goes a long way.

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