My Buzz

It's very early days and already the impact has been superb, I gained 70+ followers within 12 hours and most of them like-minded people who have worked hard to earn their #SBS I'm looking forward to the future and building my business to prove that I'm worthy of this prestigious award.

My Bio

I have always had an interest and taken part in some form of art since an early age and I'm a firm believer in inherent talent, which was passed down from my father, and feel that it's been my job to nurture and improve on the talent I have. I've used most mediums from Pencils, pen and ink and watercolours to the complete change to working in wood and 3 dimensional bespoke pieces of wildlife art. After losing my full-time job in 2012 I decided to do a BTEC in business start-up and have a go at working for myself as a "Wildlife Artist" and fulfil an ambition I've had for the best part of my adult life. During one of the worst recessions in my lifetime I've never lost the determination to succeed and worked about a 100 hours every week to bring my art to the forefront of carving in this country. During the 2 years I've written an EBook and a beginners carving manual, alongside these I've also written articles for "Woodcarving Illustrated" in the USA and this month I have a 5 page profile being published in the UK's "Woodcarving Magazine" My main aims are to continue working for myself and to produce an even higher standard of work.

My Business Tips

After only nearly 2 years of running my own business the only tips I feel I'm entitled to give out are to work hard, very hard, see who your competitors are, make sure you can offer a better service and product, and spend as much time you can marketing your work as well as producing it? you can produce the best quality work on the planet, but if no one knows about it it'll stay where it is!

My Latest Offers

Hi to all #SBS winners and friends! for Xmas my "Goldfinch" carving is on offer at ยฃ300 + carriage! one-off offer, visit my Twitter feed!

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