My Buzz

The Alcohol-Free Shop was one of the first winners of the SBS award in January 2012. We won Theo's attention by highlighting the benefits of alcohol-free to those detoxing after the festive season. We didn't win on our first attempt but we kept on trying. Persistence paid off.

My Bio

The Alcohol-Free Shop is the UK's leading alcohol-free specialist serving more than 100 different wines, beers, cocktails and juices for a healthier lifestyle.

We started our business packing on an ironing board in a spare room before progressing to a 100 ft lock-up in 2006. We now have two warehouses and a team of staff. We have always gone the extra mile for customers. We once drove from Manchester to Birmingham on a Sunday morning because an under 15s football team hadn't received their bubbly for an end-of-season celebration. This is why we do what we do. If you're not happy, we're not happy. Visit our warehouse store in Manchester to try before you buy on any of our wines and beers.

My Business Tips

Don't let all your customers and staff suffer from the odd breach of trust

Make sure everyone wins customer trust.

Don't worry about the competition – just make sure you provide a better service than they do.

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