My Buzz

Everyone has a favourite Ladybird book they remember from their childhood. When I show them our website their faces light up and they are transported back in time. It always makes me smile to see people get so excited as they find the images of those books which hold such fond memories.

My Bio

When I was young there were big displays of Ladybird books in every toy shop but I much preferred to spend my half a crown birthday money on a ‘Matchbox’ car rather than on a book. Besides people bought them for me or gave them to me. I grew up with these books; at School, at home, at Sunday School and in the Cubs and Scouts.

My collecting started as a hobby but quickly grew to having well over 5000 books and I simply had to reduce and so I started the business. I quickly found there were lots of other people who were collecting them as well..

The Arran Alexander Collection is an online business. The full colour, iconic images on the front of the books display so well on a webpages. From our offices in Scotland we supply these wonderful books to customers around the world. Currently we have over 1700 Classic Ladybird Book titles to choose from.

My Business Tips

Treat all your customers as you would want to be treated yourself.

Keep trying new business ideas, some will work and some may not. Keep a note of what you try so you have a record you can refer to.

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