My Buzz

My buzz is helping people to cry!   A great cry is fabulous way to release built up emotions.   Passionate about meditation and helping people to become the best version of their truest selves.   Free from stress and strain.

My Bio

I started my career in Insurance, moved into the therapy world after wanting to do more to help others.  Started working in a hospital for a cancer charity to provide complementary therapies during treatment.   Moving into supporting people through all stages in life, from the smallest issues to the more traumatic.   Working abroad for various charities and setting up my own clinic at home.   I love helping people to sit and listen to their own intuition and insights through meditation.  My main passion is helping people to uncover their emotions in order to be free.

My Business Tips

Never stop trying

Radical acceptance of everything including failures really helps

When it is right for you it will work

My Latest Offers

Join my monthly meditation group - £7.77 a month or £77.77 a year or £777.77 a lifetime.