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When Theo retweeted our Company, I was thrilled as I had been trying for sometime, which proves "if at first you don't succeed"......etc. We received an immediate boost in followers on twitter and the number of hits on our website trebled!

My Bio

Draught Beer Online is a subsidiary of The Beer Clear Company which we purchased in January 2007. We are a husband and wife team with help from other family members. Now ready to expand further.

Draught Beer Online was conceived as an initial concept in 2009 to fill a gap in the market to meet the increasing demand for high quality, portable, cooling and dispensing solutions for draught beer, wine, cider, etc.

Our focus is within the hotel, breweries, events & hospitalities markets. In a recent 'Dragons-Den-Type' presentation to The Compass Group, we were the only company to get 4 'Yes' votes from the judges. This will lead to far greater things in the future.

We are constantly extending our hand to other companies with forward thinking ideas as can be seen with our latest venture with Ecofass and their special kegs with disposable inner bags.

My Business Tips

Offer advice & know-how where you can. Being helpful pays dividends in the long run
Don't be disheartened by setbacks - it's how you deal with them which will ultimately determine your success
Always pay invoices on time. Suppliers are almost as important as customers
Service, service, service!
Enjoy what you do
Aim high
Treat everybody the same you are no better or worse than anyone else

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