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Still in shock from being chosen for #SBS but can't believe all the lovely support and amazing amount of new tweeps we have had the pleasure of tweeting to. Looking forward to what happens next

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Cake Nest started when we noticed family and friends gathering in our kitchen whenever we got the mixing bowl out. In those days few cakes made it as far as being decorated, let alone out of the kitchen. Often all we had to show for a day’s baking were a few sweet crumbs licked from sticky fingers.

The more we baked, the more other people seemed to love our cakes and we got so much pleasure from it we began to experiment…

From zingy lemon sponge to bittersweet espresso cake and who knows how many versions of the classic carrot cake (it had to be perfect!). We measured, mixed and baked our hearts out. The more we made, the more people wanted them and so Cake Nest was born.

My Business Tips

Don't expect to get rich overnight but do work hard.

Talk to people, ask them what they think of your products, twitter is a great place for less biased response.

Remember tomorrow is another day, relax it's coming whether you want it to or not

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Send a slice of handmade love directly through the letterbox with 10% off this September
Please use the code "SBS0109"

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