My Buzz

I am an animal-loving entrepreneur on a mission to provide a stress-free cattery alternative for felines when their humans are away from home.

My Bio

The best thing to happen to me was being made redundant from my corporate finance career in 2010 - thank you, financial crash! 🙏🏻I decided I could spend the next 20 years being miserable in a job I hated, or I could do something else. But what? That old cliche - do what you love. So, I did! Animals are my passion, so I started my own pet care business in my local area.

Now, I love all animals, but I have a natural affinity for cats. I also love a challenge, so not being content with just the one business I launched, The Cat Butler® in 2015. I noticed a gap in the market - a lack of quality at home cat care services.

Most cat owners will understand that cats, being territorial animals, are much happier staying in the safety and security of their own environment - their own home - when their humans go away than being boarded. At a cattery, they are subject to the sight, smell and sound of other strange cats, and many find the whole experience traumatic - not to mention the sight of the dreaded cat carrier - and the car journey!

I did lots of research and couldn't find many pet care companies specialising in just cats. There are loads of general pet care services - that care for a range of animals. They will walk and board dogs and look after puppies, rabbits, hamsters, fish, birds, and even farm animals! But there wasn't anything, certainly not on a national level, dedicated to just cats. And cats being the unique creatures that they certainly deserve, no they demand, their very own service - in their own homes - where they are happiest!

The Cat Butler® is run by cat lovers for cat lovers. We have a network of vetted, insured, and 5-star reviewed Cat Butlers who visit feline residents each day and wait on them hand and foot, er paw, while their humans are away! All this is in addition to delivering complimentary home care & security services to deter criminal activity while homes are unoccupied.

Through our Franchise network, we are actively expanding our reach across the UK. If you love cats, have dreams of being your own boss & would love to be a part of a growing & recognisable brand, then we would love to hear from you! 🐈❤️