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Engaging and interactive, The Charlalas are a unique, a cappella roaming trio exuding charm and energy. Curators of vintage and modern acts, from cockney charladies to singing mechanics, The Charlalas offer bespoke acts
tailored in costume and repertoire to an event theme.

A versatile entertainment solution chosen by event professionals, their motto is Sing, Share, Serve.

SING to guests | SHARE information with them according to the desired outcome | SERVE them in any way they can to enhance their experience.

Other services include;

Wellbeing and team-building workshops, tailored to your objectives, covering areas such as stress management, mindset and changing habits. They can draw on their engaging and dynamic team of wellbeing experts to create the perfect package.

Singing Workshops, uplifting, collaborative and accessible by all.

Hosting and concierge.

Whether your event is to celebrate, educate, reward, motivate, mark key milestones or encourage collaboration, The Charlalas ensure your objectives are fulfilled.

My Bio

The Charlalas were born of friendship and a love to sing and share music.

Musical Director Ciara is a professional opera singer who has performed across the globe. Her work has led her to teach at The Royal Academy of Music and The South Bank Centre. Charlala Trivia - Ciara's voice features in the musical lift at The South Bank Centre.

Business Director Elizabeth is a writer and has been a featured blogger for The Huffington Post. She is also a trained hypnobirthing teacher. Charlala Trivia - Elizabeth once appeared in Downton Abbey.

The Charlalas are fortunate to have a number of talented performers on their roster including our original and utterly gorgeous Sue and the completely divine Emma.

My Business Tips

Seek and create opportunities.

Be polite and courteous.

Ask for help. Most people are more than happy to share their knowledge and wisdom if you ask nicely, in a timely manner.

Set yourself goals - our goal last January was to sing at The Glastonbury Festival and we found ourselves in a very sunny field in Somerset in June, opening Glastonbury on Sea with Mr Michael Eavis himself.

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