My Buzz

Very early days, but rise in Twitter traffic and followers is incredible. Hope to use SBS Winner status to promote our business to a much wider customer base.

My Bio

Used to be a Banker. Quit in 2008 and the whole sector went into free fall (it wasn't me - honest)! As we owned a smallholding, I was keen to make that my full time role. So my wife and I developed an alpaca breeding business, then branched out into rare breed poultry. We also design, build and sell a range of bespoke timber chicken houses. Not content with that, we offer Alpaca Encounters (the chance to meet and walk with alpacas) and chicken boarding, which is how we won SBS. We have developed a style of diversification that I call "Micro Farming", where we try to do lots of things well.

My Business Tips

Set your sights high. Never give up. Work hard, but have fun. Have someone to shout at. Making money helps.

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