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Everyone knows Theo Paphitis so to be able to tell potential customers I am an #SBS winner definitely adds weight to the kudos of The Cowbridge Cake Company! I have recently reduced my hours to 3 days in my Health Visitor job so I am now looking forward to moving the business forward and am supplying a local boutique cafe and deli with my cakes.
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My Bio

I have worked in the NHS since I was 18 as a Nurse, Midwife, and Health Visitor. For 4 years I worked in Clinical Governance - developing and implementing a strategy for delivering high quality healthcare. I did an MBA at Cranfield University in 2000-2002 which was totally amazing! Cake making started as a hobby at an evening class and I enjoyed it so much I started The Cowbridge Cake Company in 2009. My cakes are made with organic flour, free range eggs and fair trade sugar. All the decorations are handmade by me.

My Business Tips

Do what you love and love what you do!
Believe in yourself. Stay away from the nay sayers. Only talk about your business idea with people who are going to encourage you.
Social media is fantastic for networking but don't forget about local customers - you can't beat face to face contact!

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