My Buzz

I design, create and handmade products for children and adults with extra needs, this could be a bespoke sensory package or soft cushion. I designed and created my first Cuddle Bed for my autistic son who had problems with sleeping through the night, it was a success and my business was born.

My Cuddle Beds are also perfect for all the family, for sleepovers, camping in the garden, travelling and snuggling up in the home.

You can choose from lots of designs, fabrics and sizes and just click on what you prefer, I also offer a completely bespoke service.

I also handmade matching accessories which include cushions, beanbags and blankets.

My Bio

Up until 2013 I was a Clinical Nurse Specialist treating children and young people with serious mental health issues. Prior to this I was a senior staff nurse at a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit. I have mostly worked in the care field all my working life and I used to run two residential homes for adults with autism before embarking on my nursing career.

In 2013 I became very unwell and I was placed on long term sick leave, this very same year my eldest son was diagnosed with ASD and my youngest son was severely bullied. I removed my 3 youngest children from their school and I attempted to home school them whilst looking for a more appropriate school. I was pretty much housebound for the rest of the year and I spent most of my time on the sofa with the internet as my friend! I taught myself to sew and I made my son a Cuddle Bed to help him sleep and so my business was born.

Since this time I have created a whole range of products and eventually I became diagnosed with a few chronic illness. I found my children an amazing school and I after "falling" into my business I started to build up a customer base and a good following on Facebook.

I have featured in around 8 articles including Forbes magazine and I won a national award "The Dragonesses Den". Just recently my story was published on The Story Exchange which is an international media platform.

My children love to go live with me and one of their lives launching a giveaway reached over 60,000 people. I have now moved into my own unit and even though my products are handmade I do have seamstresses to help me. My products are going to be listed on Wayfair shortly and I am currently designing a customised Cuddle Bed for a football stadium that have Autistic friendly sensory suites.

My next step is to design and produce a sensory experience Cuddle Bed that will provide the chid or adult with a customised product. I am currently carrying out a research study which will assist me to find the right sensory items and what senses are the most helpful/problematic.

My Cuddle Bed are protected by the IPO.

My Business Tips

Share your story - everyone has a story and how we founded our businesses.

Show up consistently and persistently even on our bad days, show up everywhere.

Find out who is your idea client (they are usually yourself) and go and hang out with them. Join Facebook groups, networks, get online and meet people in person.

Use the live function on Facebook as this gets shared above any other post, this connects with your target audience. You can create a following, get your customers to know, like and trust you. People buy from people so get your face out there and do not hide behind Facebook, Twitter or your website.

Be grateful and thank you followers/likers and customers frequently.

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