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It all started during covid when I made nourishing bath bombs for friends and family with hidden positive messages inside. What I didn't know back then that I will never stop creating beautiful wellness products anymore...

For many years now, my family and I haven’t had any nasty chemical in our bathroom. Especially not in our skincare products. I have super sensitive skin and it is really important to me to use and work with only quality natural ingredients.

My mission is to create and provide healthy, effective wellness products designed to improve the skin health, as well as improve the overall lifestyle of my clients. Everyone deserves only the highest quality clean ingredients in their skincare products and the self care routine they bring with themselves.

I would love to grow my business into a well-known, trustworthy wellness & lifestyle brand with all natural products, services, education and a flagship store.

Welcome to The Eden Collections :) I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join this amazing community.

Feel free to drop me a message to say hi, follow me on Instagram and let's drink a coffee if you are in Abergavenny :)




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