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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business
Since winning #SBS in October 2012, we have have grown our Business Year on Year. For 2107 we will be running 2 Teams, to cope with the demand ,with a possible Franchisee in the North London area. We have Invested in new machinery ,to keep us a step ahead of the Competition, as well as concentrating more on promoting our Brand further.

My Bio

Mainly from a Catering Background , spud boy for my parents Chippy, back in the 70's to owning Operating my own shops.Think my skill is in start up and re building run down businesses, think I am a bit creative as well.

My Business Tips

Keep your finger on the pulse of your Business, monitor profit margins regular, always keep ahead of the competition and enjoy what you do, if not it becomes a chore, not a Business.
Be nice to people , best to be liked than not, don't fear competition , embrace it and try to be different from your Competitors.

My Latest Offers

Receive a 10% Discount on any Function or Referral. also if over 200 Guests choice of Desserts included in the Price.

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