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Meeting loads of wonderful, talented people has been fantastic - #sbs has really helped me stay in touch with the best of the small business world!

My Bio

The Handmade Emporium was founded by Rebecca - a graduate of Coventry University. Struggling to find work in her chosen area, she decided to branch out, Illustrating in her spare time and starting The Emporium!

With just a small loan from The Princes Trust (plus plenty of support from friends and family) The Emporium has grown to become a one-stop-shop for unique, UK handmade crafts, carefully packaged and delivered to your door.

My Business Tips

Keep active, keep doing your best and keep smiling - even on the darkest days.
Never be afraid to ask for advice.

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Free shipping on all our lovely handmade gifts - use code TEAMSBS in the coupon code box at checkout on

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