My Buzz

Less than 24 hours in I'm still trying to deal with all the congratulations and tweets!

My Bio

I started making Jams, Chutneys and Marmalade for the simple reason I could never find a tasty Red Onion Marmalade or a simple Orange one - so I made my own. The result was fabulous. I gave it to friends and family to try, who loved them. I also made them as "favours" for my friend's wedding and the response was staggering. I was being asked to make different kinds of preserves and used old jam jars to put them in - people kept coming back for more. At one point I couldn't keep up with demand as I didn't have enough empty jars to fill! In my opinion, there is nothing lovelier than people saying how much they enjoy something you have made. I thought it would be rude not to share a little bit of yumminess elsewhere - with you!

My Business Tips

Be proactive, consistent, make relationships, don't promise something you can't do, smile!

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