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#SBS has affected our business dramatically overnight! The goodwill and sheer support from the #SBS and non #SBS community have been humbling! We received over 100 new followers within 24 hours, not to mention the HUGE amount of retweets and favorites from their followers / networks. We look forward to helping others on this journey!

My Bio

The Hot500 is a peer learning hub for aspiring entrepreneurs aged between 16-30. We don't teach them a how to start a business, but provide a positive space for them to learn how to do so through peer mentoring with other young aspiring entrepreneurs, inspirational speaker workshops, personal development training and interactive seminars.

As a connective platform, we bring together other organisations, colleges, businesses and leading entrepreneurs through the personal development of young entrepreneurs.

We also help corporates meet their own strategic and CSR objectives, through cross-collaboration projects led by our entrepreneurial members, bringing raw energy and innovation to traditional and archaic thinking and strategy. Our client list include brands such as Harvey Nichols, Natwest/RBS right through to colleges and community groups!

We were founded in December 2012, by entrepreneurs Joel Blake and Gary Lennon - feel free to check them out on Linked In or via Twitter on @joelblakeAGP @garyjohnlennon

My Business Tips

Joel's Business Tips:

- Never forget where you have come from, but know where you are going!
- Seek the lessons that you don't want to be taught in order to succeed!
- Be the frame builder, that empowers others to paint the picture that you all want to look at!
- View cash in your business, like the blood in your veins!

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