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The Jazzy Jewelz Studio has over 10 years of experience offering a wide range of jewellery making activities for all ages and abilities in Cambridge (UK) and surrounding areas.
From talks and hands-on workshops to fun-filled parties for the kids and creative corporate events. Over the years we've also developed our own range of easy-to-make craft kits, specifically designed to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Engaging and fun, they are a great way for different generations to spend some family time crafting together!

My Bio

Hello, I am an italian molecular biologist-turned-jeweller. I’m based in Cambridgeshire, UK.
Largely self-taught, I took up jewellery-making and glass fusing in 2002 after giving up my research work in biology to dedicate more time to my two young children. After having held a Licentiate membership for a few years, I was awarded full MSDC status of the Society of Designer Craftsmen in 2014. If you are interested in learning more about my designs, please visit my other website which showcases my latest collections.
In 2009 I've set up The Jazzy Jewelz Studio with the aim of introducing children to jewellery making through well designed projects that stimulate their creativity and raise their self-esteem, motivation & their confidence in their own abilities.
Above all, I'm passionate about entertaining children and encouraging them to be creative while having fun.

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