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Helping stressed-out people achieve better wellbeing by transforming their home into a magical oasis of calm!

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Do you have a really busy job where you work way too many hours?

Do you feel stressed-out at the end of a long hard day?

Would you like to turn your home into your own little magical oasis of calm?

Are you a shop owner who would like to achieve stylish, inspiring displays with our beautifully scented & decorated handmade soy wax candles?


Transform any space into a beautiful retreat with some of our lovely soy wax scented candles! Keep your home smelling wonderful – unlike many big-brand candles, ours really do give off their wonderful scents all the way to the very end of their burn.

Relax and unwind with the soothing and calming lavender aroma of our A Time to Chill scented candle…

Bring a little of the outside inside with our beautiful jasmine & patchouli scented Midnight Garden candle!

Evoke the magic of a late-night stroll along a deserted beach into your home with this calming, refreshing scent of the seaside – Moonlit Seashore!

Arrive home after a long, hard day, curl up with your favourite book, & let the rejuvenating sage scent of our Mystical Peace candle fill the room…

Time for an evening of pure indulgence? Let our exotic Moroccan Sunset candle with its blend of rose, lily, sandalwood & musk help you feel pampered after a hectic day!

Calm and ground yourself with the intoxicating scent of patchouli and immerse yourself in serenity…

Spice up your life with our fiery cinnamon scented Fire & Spice soy wax candles


In addition to our main range, we have some candles for all you lovely Wiccans, Pagans, and those who are more in touch with Mother Earth, and we also have a zodiac range too.

Our candles make lovely birthday gifts, housewarming presents, or just to give as a thank-you, an apology, or to say “I’m thinking of you” – and we can even send them direct to the recipient for you.

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