My Buzz

Winning #SBS has brought more than I could have hoped for: tripled the website visits on the day followed by a wave of new followers but most importantly the business became part of a wonderful supportive social community and receiving our #SBS certificate from Theo Paphitis was surely the icing on the cake !

My Bio

The Nautical Company is born from a childhood lifestyle having spent all my summer holidays on a sailing boat along the coast of Brittany where I was born and raised.

It was founded in November 2010 originally as an online boutique for quality French nautical inspired clothing for the whole family, made in Brittany - where you could buy authentic & genuine Breton striped shirts and jumpers. Our range has since grown in style and offerings including jackets, coats & accessories as well as décor.

So if you want to bring a little of nautical style to your wardrobe, you have come to the right place.

My Business Tips

- starting a new business is not for the faint hearted - be prepared for a lot of hard work & long hours
- remember to pause and reflect on what has been achieved before moving on to the next stage
- price is important but customer service is paramount - customers are more likely to come back if you serve them well and recommend you to others
- above all, enjoy it !

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