My Buzz

#SBS helped us reach a much wider audience, created a great buzz around our business, let our brand shine and gave the whole team a boost.
Since winning the #SBS we have expanded the business to include another boutique spa in Sevenoaks, Kent.

My Bio

Having been in the beauty industry for over 10 years with previous employment experience in leading spas, I realised whilst working in a large Surrey destination spa that there was nothing offering anything like it in the way of spa treatments and relaxation in my home county of Kent.

So began the desire to establish the ultimate destination for a relaxing spa-style experience in Kent and in March 2007 together with my Mother, Annette, we took over a salon in the heart of Maidstone. With hard work and dedication just over a year later in April 2008 it had completely transformed with an expansion in size, product ranges, treatments available, and a change in rooms and style. Now The Reef, with a relaxation room and changing room to offer more of a luxurious spa feel, has gone from strength to strength. We opened our second Spa in Sevenoaks in December 2011.

As an independent family run business, we pride ourselves on having a relaxing environment and personal service with high standards. The Reef offers a tranquil atmosphere where you can totally switch off. Unwind in the relaxation room and indulge in luxurious treatments and spa days with afternoon tea. All our team members are highly trained, caring, passionate and professional to ensure you can enjoy possibly the best treatments you've ever had.

My Business Tips

* Honesty
* Interest and Passion
* Be supportive to your team
* Don't be afraid of hard work
* Take time out to enable you to think creatively and work on new ideas

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