My Buzz

Unlike any other sense, our sense of smell links directly to our limbic system, the area of the brain most closely associated with memory and emotion.

Every day we are permanently linking our experiences to smell, which will continue to evoke emotional responses within us for ever.

I love to educate people on the power of scent on our everyday lives.

My Bio

I haven’t always been a Chandler (Candle Maker) but I have always been intrigued by our sense of smell and how it can evoke strong memories and emotions.

I have an ability to be able to distinguish the various components of scents which enables me to advise on the selection of a fragrance for a particular person or occasion.

These skills ensure I can produce a unique and perfect scent style for each of my clients, which will last in their memories for ever.

The Scent Styling Company services :

Scenting weddings - pairing couples to a signature scent, weaving through every aspect of their special day.

Scent Marketing and White Label - providing business with their own label candles, difusers, room & linen atomisers, scented stationery and options to use scent within their brand.

Interiors - Candles, diffusers, room & linen atomisers to bring ambience to any home.

AKA 'The Candle Coach' helping others to build their own home fragrance business thorough  in-person and online courses  plus mentorship.

My Business Tips

Find your USP and don't follow the others.

Do your market research.

Plan and have a strategy.

Learn from the best.

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