My Buzz

My #SBS win gave me confidence in my business concept as well as bringing me lots of lovely new Twitter followers :-)

My Bio

I run an online directory of sewing businesses promoting sewing suppliers, sewing workshop providers and sewing groups. My site has been running for 5 years now and is growing rapidly. It has expanded from just a directory to the equivalent of an online sewing magazine and has lead to many brilliant opportunities, including a book deal!

My book Craft a Creative Business can now be found on Amazon.

I love running a creative business and I am so glad that I am in the position that I can do something I love all day long.

My Business Tips

Networking through social media is a brilliant way to grow your business without spending a fortune on advertising and promotion. In particular I'm finding Pinterest is sending much more traffic to my site than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Keep innovating and adapting to respond to what the market wants. That is the one big advantage we have as a small business, we can adapt quickly and keep ahead of the larger businesses who have slower processes.

Never stop learning.

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