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We specialise in delivering hilarious, performance based events that are tailored to the guests and venues who book us, and have created bespoke events for Lord and Lady Macdonald's family home - complete with their love of cookery, Kinfauns Castle - with the dreaded Red Reaver, Skibo Castle, Gleneagles, The Cunard Ship Line, a Russian oligarch's medieval 30th birthday (we kidnapped his wife and let him win her back) and recently celebrated a Hindi family birthday at Fasque House with a Sherlock Holmes treasure hunt and mystery. We LOVE creating, personalising and breaking expectations.

My Bio

Scotland's finest murder mystery dinner entertainment.

We have been murdering since 1998, and with 21 years' experience under our belts we are Scotland's most reliable, family friendly, hilarious interactive theatre company.

My Business Tips

Build a thick skin - this takes years.
Celebrate the successes - if you don't then no one else will.
Keep on communicating with your customers - they may not respond, but it doesn't mean they aren't listening.

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