My Buzz

Becoming an SBS winner was a dream come true! The instant effect on Twitter sent our computer into meltdown as we gained hundreds of followers in just one evening!
The recognition we've received, in terms of sales and exposure has been fantastic, and it was a great boost to the confidence too.
The SBS community has been wonderfully warm, welcoming and supportive.

My Bio

We are an internet-only business based in South East England. We specialise in creating unique 'Candy Buffets' or 'Sweet Tables' using only high quality sweets from mainly British sweet manufacturers.

We believe that everybody loves the nostalgia of the old-fashioned sweet shop. When we look back fondly at our own childhood memories of sweet shops, we remember gazing in wonderment at the rows of jars, the scent of the shop, the tinkling of the sweets being scooped into the scales, and the shopkeeper twirling the bag expertly to enclose our precious choice of confectionery.

So we thought how lovely to re-create that whole experience to be enjoyed by others on their special occasion. And that was how The Vintage Sweet Shop was born.

We want to encapsulate the very essence of the kid-in-a-sweetshop experience!

My Business Tips

Be passionate about your business! We adore designing and putting together candy buffets that we think people will love, and that keeps us excited about what we're doing.

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